JVsstanks manufacturer of imported mirror finish stainless steel tanks.

Benefits of JV Stainless Steel Tanks

JV stainless steel tanks are manufactured with highly resistive to corrosion and 100% recyclable. These tanks has longer life cycle and it requires less maintenance. Stainless steel is risk free involved such as cracking, freezing and rust formation.

JV stainless steel tanks are manufactured with recyclable nature and cost saving. We manufacture the tanks out of imported mirror finish stainless steel plates where it offers the best solution for the storage of potable water with Zero retention for daily usage. JV stainless steel tanks are the best choice for the most durable, challenging, and hygienic for rust free water storage.

Advantages of JV Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Cleaning is very easy due to the Unique Dish Shaped Design at the bottom of the Tank. This minimizes the chances of algae/ fungus formation, ensures no sedimentary residue/muddy particles (which are common in Plastic / Concrete Tanks) thus preventing water borne diseases.
  • The JV S.S Tanks is ready to use and comes with Inbuilt Stand.
  • Manufactured with advanced Seam Welding Technology thus ensuring corrosion free welding
  • Ribbed for high strength and longevity - Life time performance.
  • Leak proof - longer life span makes it one time investment..
  • Water remains in its natural form - Microbiologically 100 % Safe , Healthy & Hygienic
  • Easy to Install or Shift.
  • Temperature of water (or any liquid) inside the JV Stainless Steel Tank is comparatively cooler than in plastic tanks due to non porosity of Steel Surface.
  • No Water Seepage thus damage to buildings totally avoided.
  • Environmentally friendly and light weight
  • No rise in temperature of stored water by sunlight due to mirror finish material
  • Does not rust or corrode hence water is hygienically clean.
  • Light weight & easy to install in the long run saves money.


  • Non - toxic
  • Self cleaning system
  • Special spherical design
  • Smooth interior contour
  • Heat resistant
  • Design of air vent
  • No water stagnation
  • No water leakage

Comparison Chart

No: Description: Plastic Tanks: Galvanised Tanks: Cement Tanks: SSWT:
1 Algae free
2 Eco Friendly
3 Tank weight Light Heavy Heavy Light
4 Non-Heat Absorption
5 Non-maintenance
6 Less time consuming for Cleaning Process
7 Maximum Life span
8 After Use Value Low Low Nil Good
9 Odour consistency
10 Continuous water flow
11 Occasional Clearing
12 Heat Resistant
13 Dry Water Supply
14 Space consumption Less More More Less
15 Cost Benefit on long term Expensive Expensive Expensive Cheaper